Lon Las Cymru (The Welsh Way) - Biking across Wales In September, 2014, I had family obligations (a birthday celebration and a wedding) in the UK. These were separated by several weeks, so I managed to get in a 10 day ride across Wales, north to south.

Why Wales? I have ridden a bike all over England and done a tour of Scotland, but haven't spent much time in Wales. While looking for a 10-day tour, I soon discovered the Lon Las Cymru (The Welsh Way), a fully signed Sustrans route that runs from Holyhead in the north to Cardiff or Chepstow in the south.

Since I have relatives living in Beaconsfield, I would ride to Chepstow, across the Severn into England, and then onto Beaconsfield, visiting other family members in Oxford along the way.

There is a bit of information on-line about this route and I was able to order two good quality maps from Sustrans, as well. I created a separate page for all the planning I did for this tour.

Wales is a lumpy place and there were some serious climbs on this route. I avoided the hardest section, opting to ride narrow highways, instead. I learned how to start up on steep roads (as much as 25% grades). I also met some wonderful people and saw some grand vistas.

As usual, I tracked my route at trackmytour.com.

Incidentally, Cymru is the Welsh word for Wales and is pronounced Coom-roo.        
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