A Ride in the Tirol - From Bolzano, Italy to Vienna, Austria Having spent a very nice fall week in the Val Gardena, I always wanted to return and ride through it. The closest place to start is Bolzano.

Also, on a previous trip, I met a group of college students on a bike tour who had come over the Austrian Alps via the Grossglockner Pass. I figured if they could do it, so could I.

The obvious ending point for a ride that would transit the Val Gardena and the Grossglockner Pass is Vienna. Unfortunately, Bolzano doesn't have an airport. I looked at various places to fly into to get to Bolzano by train. Eventually, I decided on flying to Vienna, assembling the bike, leaving the case at my hotel, and taking the train to Bolzano.

This trip was relatively short for me at a little over 2 weeks. But, the Alps, both Italian and Austrian didn't disappoint. I also like Vienna, so spending a bit more time there was an added attraction.        
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