One Lap Around Switzerland In September, 2009, I did a 12-day loop around Switzerland. I started and ended in Schaffhausen, a large city on the Rhine in Northern Switzerland.

This bike tour was added onto an existing bike tour and sightseeing trip to Europe. I didn't have much time to plan this trip and mostly decided where to stop and start based on how I felt, the weather, and where I wanted to be the next day. You can read about what little planning I did do here.

My original plan was to begin and end in Zurich, where my flight home would start. However, I discovered that I had some distant family connections in Schaffhausen, an hour north of Zurich on a train, so I decided to start there.

Here is the basic outline of my route:

Schaffhausen to the Bodensee
south down the Bodensee to the Rhine Valley
southwest down the Rhine Valley and then northwest to the Wallensee
east the Pragel Pass and across Lake Lucerne
south over the Brunig Pass to Interlaken
train from Interlaken to Gstaad, bike to Bulle
west over to Estavayer-du-lac on Lake Neuchatel
north to Solothurn
north to Basel
east back to Shaffhausen

One last point. I was using a new camera on this tour and managed to burn the date and time of every picture in the right hand corner. While it looks bad and occasionally even gets in the way, there is nothing I can do about it now. But, given that this information is on each photo, it does document how much time passed between each picture, which I found interesting.        
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