I've selected 53 photographs from an August, 2019 tour from Bolzano, Italy to Vienna, Austria. Bolzano is at the western base of the Dolomites and I rode all the way through them to Cortina on the east. I crossed over Austria's Tyrolean Alps on the long, steep Grossglockner Pass. Austria's Gesäuse National Park was a combination of Yellowstone and Yosemite.

I flew to Vienna, assembled my bike, left the bike case there and took a train to Bolzano. I got this sunset photo in Vienna as I walked to dinner. Note the reflection on the glass building in the left of the photo.

After a day on the train, I spent a day riding the awesome bike paths around Bolzano. This view up the Talferbach River is north of the city.

The next day, the first of the actual bike tour, I followed a different path out of Bolzano along the Eisack River toward the Brenner Pass. This separate, paved bike path was decorated with various works of art.

I didn't go over the Brenner Pass (which goes to Austria). Instead, I turned up toward the Val Gardena. This view is across the valley of the Eisack River.

The main road through the Val Gardena goes into a tunnel just before Santa Cristina di Val Gardena. This waterfall is above the tunnel's entrance (I avoided the tunnel by riding through the town).

Between Santa Cristina di Val Gardena and Selva di Val Gardena is the medieval Castel Gardena.

It rained the day I rode to Selva di Val Gardena. But, it cleared a bit in the afternoon and I got this hazy photo of the iconic Sassolungo (on the right).

Dolomite peaks dominate Selva di Val Gardena.

This look back at Selva di Val Gardena gives an idea of the climb up to Passo Gardena.

The top of the pass was completely clouded over with a view of about 20 feet. A kilometer down the other side provided this vista of both the road and the Val Badia and, in the distance, Covara.

I got this ethereal view over San Cassiano as I started the tough climb up the Passo Valparola.

The view in the Passo Valparola was cloud-covered peaks all around but my favorite was this one (whose name I can't find).

After a long coast downhill from the Passo Valparola, I got to an overlook with a panoramic view of Cortina d'Ampezzo.

For the second time in 2 years, I got a look at the pretty Piave River.

On a rest day, I drove with my friend Alfredo and his wife up the Val Visdenda along this unnamed river.

This fabulous reflection vista is over the il Lago di Santa Caterina, Auronzo and the Tre Cima peaks.

On the coast down from the Misurina Pass, I got his view of green-sided cliffs through roadside trees.

The bike path went right past il Lago di Dobbiaco.

After turning right just past the Lake, I followed the Drava river past this cascade.

This look down the Drava's valley is from halfway up the hard climb out of the valley.

The climbing abated after the Iselsburgpass where I saw this gushing waterfall.

I followed an isolated bike path up the burbbling Möll River up the Hohe Tauern Valley.

On one of many rest stops up the Grossglockner Pass, I got this view down the Hohe Tauern Valley.

I saw this waterfall up the side of the mountain.

An hour later, I had climbed above it!

View down the switchbacks I had to negotiate on the way up the Grossglocker Pass.

The Grossglockner Pass has two tops. This view comes from otherworldly mountains between the two.

After getting up the second top, I got this panoramic vista of peaks and glaciers.

I was relieved to see the road snaking down, instead of up!

On the way down, I saw mountains in front of mountains.

A view of the glaciers and their meltways from lower down the pass.

A close up of glacier melt gushing down.

The climb over the Grossglockner Pass ended at Zell am See, where this reflective stream in a bucolic meadow matched my mood.

This view of Zell am See is from the top of a ski lift above the lake.

This vista looking south across the valley of the Salzach River from a different ski lift shows high peaks of the Austrian Tyrol.

After a day of rest in Zell am See, I followed the Salzach River for several miles.

It is hard to pass such a pretty double waterfall without stopping for a photo.

This roadside flower patch near St. Johann im Pongau brought a smile to my face.

After a long climb next to a couple streams, I rode the Enns River bike path along meadows and through trees, always next to the river.

I continued along the Enns River where I saw this cloud separating a mountain from a church steeple.

I really liked the tall straight trees that lined the river's valley.

Eventually, I began riding around corn fields creating this pretty tableau.

I really like this view of the double spires of Admont's cathederal in front of the surrounding mountains.

As the fog cleared, I got this clearing view of mountains over a pretty pond.

The stunning Gesäuse National Park was not only an utter surprise but seemed like a combination of Yellowstone and Yosemite.

Yet another waterfall through moss-covered rocks.

This mountain with steeple vista was taken near Mooslandl, Austria.

After some hard climbing, I rode along the Ybbs River.

After hours of riding in the rain, I got this hillside view of a valley near the village of Tradigist.

The still, reflective Traisen River near my final stop of the tour.

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